Home Blogs Meet Polly: The Tiny Kitten with Striking Markings Found Abandoned, Now a Pampered Princess

Meet Polly: The Tiny Kitten with Striking Markings Found Abandoned, Now a Pampered Princess

Meet Polly: The Tiny Kitten with Striking Markings Found Abandoned, Now a Pampered Princess

A kitten adorned with striking markings was discovered wandering alone outside. Two months later, her dream of a loving home became reality, along with three other feline companions.

Shelly, a seasoned animal rescuer with over a dozen years of experience, was alerted about three kittens in dire need of assistance.

A compassionate individual found them outside, motherless and neglected. Upon investigation, the kittens’ mother was located but disinterested in her litter.

The kittens were suffering from eye infections and malnutrition. Shelly immediately rescued the smallest kitten, provided urgent care, and then returned for the other two.

Despite already caring for 16 rescues, Shelly couldn’t ignore the kittens’ plight.

“I decided to bring them home. At three weeks old, they were just about ready to start weaning,” Shelly recounted to Love Meow.

Polly, along with her siblings Cloud and Destiny, quickly adapted to bottle feeding.

Shelly continued with the bottle while gradually introducing them to wet food. Despite her best efforts, Destiny, the smallest, tragically did not survive. Polly and Cloud, however, thrived.

As their health improved, so did their vivacity. “It seems I reached them just in time to prevent any permanent damage,” Shelly noted. The mother cat and several others from the area were subsequently spayed.

Polly, a calico, grew into her beautiful markings magnificently. Her fur became more vibrant, and she confidently explored her surroundings with her brother Cloud closely following.

The duo mastered eating from a bowl and using the litter box in unison.

“Polly and Cloud developed beautifully, just as young kittens should,” Shelly observed.

They were later introduced to other foster kittens, which led to joyful interactions and seamless integration into the group.

Polly and Cloud flourished into lively young cats, forming bonds with many other fosters. When it came time for adoption, Donna, a previous adopter, expressed interest in not just two, but four kittens.

Just a week ago, Donna officially adopted Polly, Cloud, and two of their foster mates, bringing them to a loving forever home that already housed two other cats.

“They quickly became part of the family, scampering joyously and bonding with their new human and feline siblings,” Shelly shared.

“It’s rare to find someone willing to adopt four kittens at once… It was an opportunity too good to miss,” she added.

Polly and Cloud, along with their companions, now revel in the love and care of their new family, proving that even the most humble beginnings can lead to joyful endings.


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