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Kitties’ Fourth Family to Assist Them and Choose to Snooze on Every Lap They Find

Kitties’ Fourth Family to Assist Them and Choose to Snooze on Every Lap They Find

Four kittens found a family to help them and decided to nap on every lap they encountered.

Early last month, Mini Cat Town, an animal rescue in San Jose, California, was notified about a litter of four kittens needing foster care. Laura Malone, a director at the rescue, explained, “They were turned into the city shelter as orphans at about 1.5 weeks of age. Unweaned orphans require bottle baby experience, which is scarce, so we prioritize those cases.”

Laura started providing round-the-clock care, cleaning them up, and setting up a cozy nest for the kittens.

Initially, one of the kittens, Cinna (tabby), struggled with bottle feeding, while his siblings Finnick (orange), Primrose (tabby), and Rue (black) adjusted well to their new environment. “For about two days, Cinna didn’t gain much weight and wasn’t thriving. But soon, he turned a corner and figured out how to eat,” Laura recounted to Love Meow.

Once the kittens were robust enough to waddle, they began exploring and became more attention-seeking from their caregivers. “When they first arrived, they’d fall asleep right after feeding, showing they were still a bit sickly. Now, they’re lively and playful after meals, which is great to see,” Laura added.

Foster Dad, Laura’s husband, enjoyed spending time with the kittens, offering cuddles throughout the day. During one of his work meetings on a Monday, Finnick found comfort snuggling in his pocket.

Within three weeks, the kittens hit the one-pound mark, delighting their foster parents. As they grew, Finnick and Cinna adapted well to canned food, while Rue and Primrose were more cautious but curious.

As they grew more comfortable on their feet, the kittens discovered their favorite new napping spots—any available lap. They would eagerly climb onto any welcoming lap and drift into sleep.

When guests visited, the kittens made sure to monopolize their laps for cozy naps. Now at five weeks old, the kittens are more playful and affectionate, having developed a special bond with their human companions through being hand-raised.

In a few more weeks, these four kittens will be ready to find their forever homes, where they will continue to find warm laps for naps and loving arms for cuddles.

For more updates on the kittens and to follow Laura’s fostering journey, check out her social media on Facebook and Instagram at @fosterkittyfamily, and follow Mini Cat Town at @minicattown.



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