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Kitten Found His Way to Violinist and Became Her Sweetest Audience

Kitten Found His Way to Violinist and Became Her Sweetest Audience

An abandoned kitten found his way to a violinist and quickly became her most endearing audience member.

Esther Abrami, a dedicated classical violinist who also loves cats, regularly volunteers for local animal shelters. “When they have too many cats to care for, I offer my help as a foster family,” Esther shared with Love Meow.

La Feline Meyreuillaise, a rescue group in Southern France, contacted her about a kitten needing a foster home. Without hesitation, she agreed to help. “This cat was abandoned by his previous owners who couldn’t bother to care for the kittens. La Feline took them in and arranged foster families for them,” Esther explained.

The small orange tabby, named Petit Rose which means ‘little pink’ in French, was about 1-2 months old. From the beginning, he was affectionate and curious.

Petit Rose quickly took to following Esther around her home, showing interest in her profession. Esther, who practices violin for four hours daily to hone her skills, initially placed him in the next room to settle in. Yet, the brave kitty walked right into her office and made it his new home.

He jumped onto Esther’s lap and examined the violin closely, sniffing around the instrument as though trying to understand its workings. Satisfied with his investigation, he curled up on her lap, ready to be serenaded.

“From the beginning, he was very cuddly and wanted to nap with me. Once he felt more comfortable, he would follow me into every room, including where I practice my violin,” Esther recounted to Love Meow.

The tabby seemed to develop a refined taste for music. Often, he would close his eyes and snuggle on Esther’s lap, enchanted by the melodies. At times, he turned the violin case into his personal concert suite, falling asleep to the sound of a lovely concerto.

“He seemed to enjoy it. Whenever I played, he would come over and sit on my lap. Eventually, he was so at ease that he would crawl onto my shoulder while I played.”

While Esther has performed for many feline audiences at home, Petit Rose is undoubtedly her most enthusiastic fan and shows a keen inclination toward music.

He never missed a concert at home and was captivated by every piece Esther played.

Due to her travel schedule, Esther is unable to keep a pet permanently. She hoped to find a wonderful family that could provide Petit Rose with the attention he deserved.

When the time came for adoption, a family visited, immediately falling in love with him. They welcomed the sweet kitten into their home and even brought a piece of his past with them.

Knowing his love for the violin, the family plays Esther’s recordings at home so Petit Rose can continue enjoying his favorite music genre. They keep in touch with Esther, sending her photos and updates of her biggest fan.

Petit Rose is now fully grown and remains a handsome cat who still enjoys listening to violin music, living his life to the fullest.

A sweet moment of Petit Rose, the music-loving cat.

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