Home Blogs ‘I Go Meow!’: Showcasing the Quirks of an Orange Cat with a Chatty Personality

‘I Go Meow!’: Showcasing the Quirks of an Orange Cat with a Chatty Personality

‘I Go Meow!’: Showcasing the Quirks of an Orange Cat with a Chatty Personality

Orange cats are often dubbed as quite “extraordinary,” particularly the ginger tabbies, hence the popular hashtag: ‘orange cat behavior’. If you’ve ever been graced by the presence of a cat like Marmalade, then you’re already familiar with their enchanting ways! Meet Cala, a standout ginger tabby female from Chicago who’s never shy to engage in a lively chat!

While Cala may appear youthful and kitten-like, she is indeed a fully-grown, endearing “little one.” Yet, her petite stature belies a robust, vocal presence. She’s a vocal enthusiast, always ready to serenade anyone willing to lend an ear with her melodious and sometimes humorous meows.

Her vivacious demeanor continuously delights her owner, Elizabeth, as well as her vast online following.

An amusing incident includes Cala suddenly vocalizing for seemingly no reason at all, producing sounds far from ordinary meows—could she be forming full sentences? It’s a mystery that not even Elizabeth can decode.

“Can anyone interpret these bubbly meows?” Elizabeth playfully queries about Cala’s unique vocal expressions.

Fascinatingly, these vocal outbursts often occur just as Cala triumphantly captures her toys, suggesting that perhaps this is her method of proclaiming victory. She demands to be acknowledged.

“Is she more of an orange cat or an orange primate? 🍊🐒”

Cala’s Vocal Journey Over the Years Indeed, many cats emit quirky sounds, but Cala’s vocal repertoire is particularly rich and has been a consistent trait for years. Elizabeth’s discussions with the veterinarian have confirmed that Cala is merely a healthy, spirited, and delightfully peculiar feline. #orangecatbehavior

“She’s genuinely playful and a bit eccentric. I believe that’s what makes her so relatable,” Elizabeth explains. “She’s simply enjoying herself with all these vocal antics,” she adds.

At times, after successfully capturing her mouse-like toy, Cala proudly announces her triumph. She raises her head, meows assertively into the void, prompting Elizabeth to praise her, “Cala! Great job, you caught your mouse!”

Following the praise, Cala rushes to Elizabeth, continuing her proud declarations. Well done, Cala! We applaud your spirit.

Cala’s Proud Declaration Over a Cardboard Box? While Cala’s vocalizations are typically linked to her hunting skills, they can also occur under baffling circumstances. For instance, here she is, proudly meowing inside a box for no discernible reason. According to Elizabeth, it’s all part of playtime. At other times, she is surprisingly subdued!

If you pay close attention, it seems she’s attempting to construct syllables once more. Whatever she’s trying to communicate, it’s evidently significant to her—and meant for her human.

It appears Cala has something vital she wishes to share regarding this box. Any guesses on her message? Regardless, her playful antics are a delight.

“This is just typical cat behavior 🙃”

Discover more of Cala’s adventures on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

‘I Go Meow! I Go Meow!’ According to a playful interpretation by The Kiffness, who produces music featuring animals, Cala might actually be singing a venerable feline anthem titled “I Go Meow!” It’s as plausible an explanation as any, and it seems Cala’s musical exploits are just beginning!

Video by The Kiffness:


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