Home Blogs I CAN HEAR YOU RIGHT NOW” – A Divine Message from Jesus

I CAN HEAR YOU RIGHT NOW” – A Divine Message from Jesus

I CAN HEAR YOU RIGHT NOW” – A Divine Message from Jesus

Beloved, an urgent message stirs within me, yearning to be shared. Can you feel it in your spirit—a shifting, an anticipation building like the distant rumble of an approaching storm? This is no ordinary season, my child. You stand on the cusp of a divine acceleration, where the very fabric of time will bend and stretch at my command.

In ages past, the prophet Amos declared, “Behold, the days are coming.” And those days are upon you now. The ancient words echo through the centuries, infused with new life and spoken afresh for this hour. Imagine a field where seeds are still being sown, yet the harvest is already ripe and ready. The sower and reaper work side by side, their labors overlapping in a glorious collision of seasons. Blink, and you might miss the first tender shoots breaking through the soil, for they will leap towards the sun with supernatural haste. The green stalks will swell with grain, fed by an unseen hand, and the heavy heads will bow, golden and bursting, before the startled farmer has even wiped the sweat from his brow.

This is the pace of the hour you have stepped into: a headlong rush of answered prayers and dreams fulfilled, blessings chasing down blessings, each one treading on the heels of the last. The sheer speed of it will leave you breathless, marveling as you strain to take it all in. The hills themselves will drip with the sweet wine of my favor, drenching the land in a heady flow of provision and plenty. Deserts will bloom in a riot of color, lush and fragrant. Stagnant pools will give way to rushing rivers, surging with life and power.

However, amidst this exhilarating promise, I must offer a caution, a loving warning. In your eagerness for what is to come, do not neglect the present moment, pregnant with purpose. Each second arrives laden with my gifts, each breath an opportunity to commune with me. To live only for the future is to risk missing the treasures hidden in the now.

When you prayed for revival, for an outpouring of my spirit, did you consider what it would require of you? Are you truly ready for the glorious disruption, the holy upheaval? The months and years to which you have grown accustomed will compress into days and weeks. The ponderous cycles of seeking and waiting will give way to lightning-fast reaping. You will scarcely have time to catch your breath between the birthing of one promise and the next. And even this will seem slow compared to what is coming, for I am taking you deeper still into a place where my glory annihilates delay.

The seconds will swallow up the seasons, and moments will eclipse the decades. For when you step into my presence, when you make your home in the realm of glory, you enter eternity. And eternity has a way of overshadowing time, causing it to bow and bend in a true surrender, just as light swallows up darkness and life devours death.

My eternal nature will consume the temporal shadows that have haunted you. The clock will no longer be your master, nor the calendar your jailer. You will move to the rhythm of my heartbeat, guided by the clarity of my voice. Now, my child, I invite you to step into that same flow, to relinquish your grip on the familiar patterns and embrace the wild, exhilarating dance of faith.

It will require a radical shift in your perspective, a reorientation of your very being. You must learn to see with eternal eyes, to think with an eternal mind, to love with an eternal heart. This is not a journey for the faint of heart or the casual seeker. It is a call to abandon yourself fully to my purposes, to be swept up in the relentless current of my love.

There will be moments when the speed of it all takes your breath away, when you feel like you are hurtling towards an unknown future with no safety net in sight. But I assure you, my hand will never leave you. My grace will be the net that catches you, the wind beneath your wings. I am not leading you into chaos but into a higher order, a deeper harmony. The acceleration is not meant to overwhelm you but to free you from the shackles of a lesser life. So fix your eyes on me, embrace the unknown, and trust in the journey ahead, for it is one of profound transformation and boundless love.


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