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How a Senior Dog Found Happiness Again with a Compassionate Adopter

How a Senior Dog Found Happiness Again with a Compassionate Adopter

Original Good Boy, affectionately known as OGB, was an eight-year-old canine who found himself at the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, DC, before being relocated to St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey. Despite his gentle nature, OGB spent his days overlooked, nestled in the corner of his shelter space, yearning for a forever home.

Unexpected Connection

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It was close to Christmas when 70-year-old Susan Wright visited the shelter. Initially, she hadn’t intended to adopt, especially not a senior dog. “Walking around, I saw OGB with his back turned to us, completely disengaged,” Wright recounted to Newsweek. At first glance, OGB didn’t strike her as particularly endearing with his stern bulldog face and sturdy build. But learning about his prolonged shelter stay and lost hope tugged at her heartstrings.

From Heartbreak to Hope

OGB’s journey to the shelter was marked by sadness. His previous owner, who deeply cherished him, had to surrender him due to unforeseen circumstances. Despite his reserved demeanor, OGB was a bundle of love, enjoying cuddles and belly rubs, occasionally breaking into a ‘happy dance,’ as described by Diane Ashton, a staff member at St Hubert’s.

“His quiet nature in the kennel might’ve made him less noticeable to adopters,” Ashton suggested. Yet, it was this quiet nature that eventually endeared him to Wright.

Building Bonds

Wright’s initial days with OGB were challenging. “He was strong, indifferent, and seemingly preferred men, likely reflecting his past with a male owner,” Wright explained. Determined, she hired a trainer to help bridge their communication gap, which gradually strengthened their connection.

A New Family Member

As their bond deepened, the thought of parting with OGB became unbearable for Wright. When she learned of an interested adopter, she made the heartfelt decision to adopt him herself. “He might not have been the dog I imagined choosing, but I couldn’t overlook the unique qualities that made him an incredible companion,” she affirmed.

Now named Ogee, he has thrived in his new home, revealing a loving, gentle side. Wright recounted an incident where Ogee comforted a young boy who had hurt himself, demonstrating his innate kindness. “He lay there, letting the boy pet him while gently licking his wrist. It’s these moments that show how special Ogee is,” Wright reflected.

A Heartwarming Transformation

Ogee’s story highlights the profound impact a loving home can have on a senior dog. From a reserved, somewhat somber shelter resident to a vibrant, affectionate family member, Ogee’s transformation is a testament to the power of love and the difference one person can make in an animal’s life. His days are now filled with joy, love, and the occasional happy dance, enriching the lives of his family with every moment.


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