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House Cat Embraces Role as Kitten’s Caregiver, Never Leaving Its Side

House Cat Embraces Role as Kitten’s Caregiver, Never Leaving Its Side

A house cat assumed the role of caregiver for an abandoned kitten, staying constantly by its side.

Kitten’s Journey to a Permanent Home

Greta the kitten begins her nurturing journey to a permanent home

Kurt the kitten and Quinn the cat, as told by Melissa

Earlier this month, Amy was alerted by a neighbor about a kitten in distress needing assistance. Amy had previously rescued another kitten and was known for her efforts. When another needy cat was discovered, the neighbor contacted her.

Amy rescued the orange tabby named Kurt and immediately provided warmth. “I placed him on a heating pad and fed him with a bottle,” Amy shared with Love Meow.

When Amy had to travel, her friend Melissa agreed to foster Kurt, unaware of the warm welcome that awaited him at her home.

Kurt was discovered abandoned outside “When we found him, he weighed only seven ounces. His ears hadn’t fully perked up, and he was severely dehydrated. He depended on us for everything,” Melissa explained to Love Meow.

“After receiving some kitten formula the next morning, he began to look and feel much better.”

Quinn, the resident cat, adopts the kitten, according to Melissa

Quinn, the family cat, quickly took interest in the new kitten in the house, eager to meet him. Meanwhile, Kurt, being alone, was in search of a constant companion.

The family carefully introduced Kurt to Quinn, and were astonished by the ensuing interaction. “Quinn began by sniffing Kurt and circling his carrier. Eventually, he began guarding the carrier by sitting in front of it.”

Melissa noted that the household cat even tried to rotate the carrier with his paw to better see the new kitten. “When we let Kurt out, Quinn sat beside him and bathed him. Kurt cuddled up to Quinn immediately.”

“We eventually placed Kurt in a large box because Quinn kept trying to climb on top of the carrier.”

Quinn consistently shares the nest with Kurt, Melissa observed

Quinn was soon found snuggled up next to the tiny orange tabby, with his arms around him. Kurt completely relaxed into Quinn and quickly fell asleep in his embrace.

Quinn has always shown a fondness for kittens in need. Whenever Melissa brings home a rescued kitten, Quinn is keen to assist.

Kurt sees Quinn as his ‘mom’, as per Melissa

“He constantly meows at us until we allow him to visit the kittens. He then watches over them, bathing them and sitting next to them to keep them warm.”

Quinn has fully embraced the role of caregiver, grooming Kurt and monitoring his every move.

Melissa shared that Kurt deeply admires his big foster brother and seeks to nurse from him. “He often looks around the room for Quinn when he can’t find him and then meows at me.”

“They share an incredible bond. Despite their differences in size and age, they spend most of their time together.”

Melissa highlighted that “Kurt feels secure when with Quinn, and Quinn takes on the role of protector. If the kitten is in another room, Quinn will sit in his box to keep it warm and wait for his return.”

Quinn ensures the little one doesn’t stray too far by placing his paw on him.

Quinn, the protective foster brother, as Melissa describes

“Sometimes, when I let Kurt out of his box to explore, I return to find that Quinn has placed him back in the box to sleep.”

Melissa encourages sharing their story with friends. Follow updates on Kurt and Amy’s rescues on Instagram @mightymaxthesupercat.

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