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Heartbroken Dog Visits Deceased Owner’s Grave Daily

Heartbroken Dog Visits Deceased Owner’s Grave Daily

This loyal dog was deeply affected by the passing of his owner, losing his appetite and mysteriously disappearing from his home every day. His whereabouts remained a mystery until a touching discovery was made.

The story unfolds in Turkey, where Oztuk Ismail found a stray dog and decided to take him in. He named the dog Zozo, who quickly became attached to him, enjoying their time together immensely.

Tragically, on February 10, 2014, Oztuk Ismail died, sending shockwaves through his family. Zozo was particularly stricken with grief, visibly distressed by the loss of his beloved human companion for the next two years.

Oztuk’s widow and son noticed that Zozo would vanish daily, only to return at day’s end without a trace of his activities.

One day, driven by curiosity, Oztuk Zafer, Ismail’s son, decided to visit his father’s grave and spotted an animal lying atop it from afar. As he approached, he recognized it as Zozo. It became clear that Zozo had been visiting the grave daily for two years, a testament to his unyielding loyalty.

Zafer shared that he was the first to bring Zozo to the grave, never imagining that the dog would make it a daily pilgrimage, regardless of weather, to be near his departed master.

Zozo’s actions, though he cannot speak, powerfully express his enduring love and devotion. It’s evident that his previous owner, Oztuk Ismail, was a man worthy of such profound loyalty and affection from his devoted dog.


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