Home Blogs God Declares: THIS IS WHY I CHOSE YOU | Divine Message | Insights from Above

God Declares: THIS IS WHY I CHOSE YOU | Divine Message | Insights from Above

God Declares: THIS IS WHY I CHOSE YOU | Divine Message | Insights from Above

My dearest child, before the genesis of time, I cradled you in the sanctuary of my heart. Within the boundless realms of eternity, where endless possibilities sparkled like celestial bodies, I envisioned you. My love for you blazed with a brilliance surpassing the radiance of a billion suns—an everlasting flame, unquenchable through the aeons. In those timeless moments, I meticulously crafted the cosmos, setting the celestial dance into motion, all culminating in the instant I breathed life into your existence. With each cosmic breath, I murmured your name—an anthem of love resonating through the epochs.

I knew you before you took form, before the dawn’s first light cleaved the shadows. Within the primordial abyss, I beheld your soul—a luminous beacon of sheer potential, mesmerizing in its brilliance. You were my opus in progress, a tapestry of boundless beauty awaiting expression. Among the myriad souls poised for the marvel of being, I chose you. Not for your flawlessness—for perfection is a journey, not a terminus—but for the profound depths of your spirit, the limitless capacity for love, courage, and growth within you. In you, I saw a life of passion, purpose, and steadfast allegiance to truth—a heart that would synchronize with mine, a mind inclined to unravel the mysteries of creation, and a soul destined to illuminate the darkest nights.

I foresaw the adversities you would face, the valleys you would traverse, and the peaks you would ascend. Yet, I also recognized the latent strength in you, a resilience honed in adversity’s forge, tempered by steadfast faith and reinforced by my undying affection. Each challenge you meet is a testament to my faith in you, for I do not burden those I doubt. The hurdles in your path are not penalties but opportunities for growth, invitations to explore the vastness of your spirit and the limitless scope of my grace.

In your triumphs, rejoice, for I witness the fruits of your endeavors—the unfolding of your potential and the fruition of my divine plan. In your darkest moments, know that I am beside you, whispering encouragement, reminding you of our unbreakable bond and the perennial wellspring of my love.

My child, I chose you because you mirror my love, embody my creativity, and demonstrate the limitless possibilities inherent in each soul I lovingly create. In you, I see the splendor of my work, the wonder of life, and the promise of a future where love vanquishes darkness, hope dispels despair, and the harmony of my design vibrates through every facet of your existence.

So, stride forth boldly, for you are never solitary. Embrace the path I have laid out for you, paved with my love and illuminated by my wisdom. Trust in me, for I have chosen you to be a luminous beacon in this world—a beacon of hope and a living testament to the transformative power of love. This is why I chose you, my cherished child, not because you are flawless, but because you are perfectly mine—a masterpiece I have shaped, a symphony I have composed, and a narrative penned by my boundless love. Eternally yours, your heavenly Father.


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