Home Blogs Father Irreversibly Transformed After Severe Battle with Necrotizing Fasciitis – His Current Transformation Revealed

Father Irreversibly Transformed After Severe Battle with Necrotizing Fasciitis – His Current Transformation Revealed

Father Irreversibly Transformed After Severe Battle with Necrotizing Fasciitis – His Current Transformation Revealed

The narrative of Alex Lewis stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Unwilling to yield to life’s severest trials, he now thrives, bolstered by the unyielding support of his wife, Lucy Townsend, and their son.

Alex and Lucy were certain they were destined to be together. Their union was solidified with the birth of their son, Sam, filling their lives with unparalleled happiness. However, in 2013, when Sam was just two, their family’s life veered into an unexpected crisis.

Both father and son initially appeared to have contracted the flu. While Sam quickly recovered, Alex continued to feel unwell, his condition failing to improve after the initial symptoms.

“Owning and living in a pub, interacting with many people daily, I assumed it was just a seasonal cold, maybe starting as man flu,” Alex recounted to Metro.

Contents Alex’s health declined rather than improved; he developed a fever and discovered blood in his urine. When Alex lost his lips, plastic surgeon Alexandra Crick used skin from his shoulder to reconstruct his mouth. Alex is also a motivational speaker who is content with his life. Despite expectations for recovery, Alex’s condition deteriorated; he developed a fever and noted blood in his urine. Sensing a grave issue, Alex sought medical help where he was diagnosed with a type A streptococcal infection. Unfortunately, the infection had aggressively spread, leading to sepsis. Alex was battling toxic shock syndrome, septicemia, and necrotizing fasciitis, with his body rapidly deteriorating from within.

“I summoned an ambulance, and within eight minutes, they arrived. At the hospital, we went straight to resuscitation, and I was prepared for the worst; his kidneys were failing, and life support was imminent,” Lucy shared with The Guardian.

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Medical predictions were grim; they gave Alex a mere three percent chance of survival as his body succumbed to the infection.

“They planned to discontinue my life support, but decided to wait one more night to see if there was any improvement, giving my family time to prepare,” Alex revealed to Metro.

“I can’t fathom what Lucy and my mother endured during this.

“After discussing it later, they were in shock, unable to grasp the rapidity and severity of the infection,” he added.

“I don’t recall the pain, but my family remembers my suffering vividly.”

Doctors identified a flesh-eating bacteria as the culprit, necessitating the amputation of his left arm at the elbow. Over time, Alex lost all his limbs, and parts of his face were surgically removed to save his life.

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“I vividly recall my legs in the hospital darkening progressively,” Alex told The Guardian. “The darkness advanced up to my waist. I don’t remember my left arm being affected, but the image of my legs is clear.”

Following the loss of his lips, plastic surgeon Alexandra Crick harvested skin from his shoulder to restore his mouth. “Eating a sandwich took about an hour each night, with a nurse’s assistance,” he shared with the Daily Mail.

“The last available skin for surgery was my shoulder,” he explained. “That was used to replace the temporary flap. All other skin had either been used for grafts or was too scarred.”

“Having both lips reconstructed simultaneously was a world first. It involved placing a single piece of skin like a bag in my mouth and sewing around it. I required follow-up surgeries every few months.”

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Sam was initially hesitant to approach his markedly changed father, but Lucy helped him understand the transformation, a challenging task given his young age.

After many months in the hospital, Alex was able to return home, his survival partly due to the preservation of his right arm’s elbow, which allowed for prosthetic attachment and significant functional recovery.

“That one elbow symbolizes his independence,” Lucy noted.

“I had to relearn basic tasks,” Alex continued, “from eating and dressing to using a prosthesis and maneuvering a manual wheelchair.”

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Currently, Alex engages in various technology projects aimed at enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. Among these, he has evaluated solar-powered, battery-assisted four-wheeled devices developed by students at Southampton University.

Despite his severe physical limitations, Alex leads an active and fulfilling life, engaging in activities such as kayaking and mountain climbing. In 2019, he ascended one of Africa’s tallest mountains using a custom-adapted buggy.


“Having become an amputee, I’ve explored numerous training techniques to maintain my fitness, working closely with physiotherapists and visiting the Help for Heroes facilities,” he shared with Sports Management.

“The guidance I’ve received is unparalleled, but the effectiveness of EMS training in such a short span has been astonishing. It allows me to activate muscles I haven’t used since losing my limbs.”

“I’ve grown stronger, everyday tasks have become easier, and my confidence in facing new challenges has soared.”

His Wild Wheelchairs Project not only aids in enhancing the lives of people with disabilities but also funds the construction and operation of a wheelchair production facility in Ethiopia.

Alex remains a motivational speaker who finds joy in his life. “In the last four years, I’ve experienced more life than in the previous thirty-three, making me truly appreciate Lucy and Sam,” he expressed to Metro.

“I regret not doing many things when I was able-bodied, but I refuse to let opportunities pass me by now. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life now, not for a second.”

Sam has grown to love and admire his father for his resilience and is proud of him.

This courageous man’s resilience is truly inspiring. His story demonstrates that no matter the challenges life presents, we should strive to emerge victorious.


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