Home Blogs Do Cats Recall Their Mothers When We Groom Them with Toothbrushes?

Do Cats Recall Their Mothers When We Groom Them with Toothbrushes?

Do Cats Recall Their Mothers When We Groom Them with Toothbrushes?

Cat owners often go to great lengths to ensure their feline friends are content and happy. So when a new trend takes off on social media, it’s almost a given that cat lovers will try it out on their pets.

The latest trend in cat pampering suggests a connection to the comforts of kittenhood, specifically the grooming they received from their mothers. Many cat owners have embraced using toothbrushes for this purpose, driven by claims that the damp bristles mimic a mother cat’s grooming.

Toothbrushes and Maternal Memories Kittens receive their initial grooming from their mothers, who use their rough tongues to keep their offspring clean and safe. This nurturing behavior provides kittens with a sense of security and comfort. It’s believed that the texture of a damp toothbrush might mimic the feel of a mother cat’s tongue, potentially invoking memories of maternal care and comfort in adult cats.

Veterinarian Hunter Finn, based in Arlington, Texas, shared with BuzzFeed, “While I can’t claim to know exactly what goes on in a cat’s mind, it’s plausible that being groomed with a toothbrush could evoke memories of maternal grooming from their early days.”

This suggests that when cat owners groom their pets with a toothbrush, it not only cleans but may also reinforce their role as a nurturing, mother-like figure—or at the very least, a caring companion.

The Science Behind the Sensation But what makes a toothbrush potentially reminiscent of a mother cat’s tongue? While not a perfect match, most toothbrushes feature nylon bristles that somewhat resemble the keratin spikes (papillae) on a cat’s tongue. These tiny, backward-facing spikes are essential for grooming and other tasks, providing that distinctive sandpaper-like texture.

Varied Reactions to Toothbrush Grooming Despite the popularity of the trend, not all cats are fond of toothbrush grooming. While many videos show cats blissfully enjoying the sensation, it’s important to recognize that each cat is unique. Some might find the sensation unpleasant or stressful.

Dr. Finn cautions against ignoring signs of discomfort, which can include dilated pupils, ears pinned back, a crouched posture, and vocal expressions like growling or hissing. He stresses that the pursuit of viral fame on platforms like TikTok should never come at the expense of a pet’s well-being.

Interestingly, some cats may enjoy the interaction but view the toothbrush itself as a toy rather than a grooming tool, adding a playful element to the activity.

In conclusion, while toothbrush grooming can be a delightful experience for some cats, reminding them of their mother’s care, it’s crucial to tailor this activity to your cat’s preferences and watch for any signs of distress.


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