Home Blogs Butcher Has Strict Policy That Strays Get Meat Scraps When They Stop By

Butcher Has Strict Policy That Strays Get Meat Scraps When They Stop By

Butcher Has Strict Policy That Strays Get Meat Scraps When They Stop By

Ikram Korkmazer maintains a strict policy at his butcher shop: all stray animals that stop by receive meat scraps. At 51 years old, Korkmazer’s boundless affection for both dogs and cats has earned him a considerable following online and endeared him to the community of stray animals. His shop is named Yeşim Meat Gallery after the first stray he fed there, Yeşim. The relationship with Yeşim started when she, a stray cat, began visiting his shop in search of food. Korkmazer remembers how Yeşim would stand on her hind legs, looking at the meat on the counter and asking for her favorite picks like spleen, heart, and kidney.

A Tradition of Kindness

Her visits became a regular occurrence, especially after she started bringing her kitten along. This tradition persisted even after Yeşim’s death, attracting other local strays to the shop. Dogs line up outside, eagerly waiting for their daily treats. The butcher never wavers. He loyally gathers up leftovers, places them in a dish, and puts them outside, often petting the strays as they eat.

Community Impact

Dogs and cats alike have become accustomed to the man’s kind heart and giving nature, bringing them comfort while living on the streets. Although Korkmazer faces occasional criticism for feeding strays, he remains committed to his mission. His acts of kindness are documented on social media, where he shares videos of the animals he helps, gaining thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok.

A Legacy of Compassion

Raised in Turgutlu, in the Manisa province of Turkey, Korkmazer was brought up to value kindness. Nowadays, not only does he continue to provide for the animals, but his coworkers, family, and even some of his customers also participate. Korkmazer is proud to promote Turkey as a country that respects and loves ALL animals, no matter their circumstances.

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