Home Blogs Brave Police Officer Rescues a Terrified Dog from a Dark Tunnel

Brave Police Officer Rescues a Terrified Dog from a Dark Tunnel

Brave Police Officer Rescues a Terrified Dog from a Dark Tunnel

Startled by a passing vehicle, a small dog bolted and found itself trapped within a narrow tunnel beneath a canal. Fortunately, a compassionate police officer arrived just in time to ensure a safe rescue and guide the pet to safety.

Officer Joe Brazil from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, known for his benevolent nature and readiness to assist, recently performed a heroic act by saving a frightened Yorkshire terrier puppy. This touching event was shared on Facebook by Peggy Edwards, capturing the hearts of many and spreading gratitude for Joe’s altruistic deed. The incident occurred on May 2, 2016, when the terrified puppy sought refuge in a tunnel after being scared by a car, using it as a hideout.

Without hesitation, Joe pursued the puppy to rescue it from this dangerous predicament. The authenticity and compassion in his actions quickly gained widespread attention, inspiring all who heard the story.

Peggy narrated the ordeal in a Facebook post dated April 30, detailing how a small dog was startled by a vehicle and ended up trapped in a creek-side tunnel. Despite her initial hesitation, Peggy felt compelled to act but was concerned about further scaring the dog deeper into the tunnel.

Ultimately, Peggy called the Woonsocket Police Department for help. The responding officers successfully extracted the puppy from the predicament. Officer Joe Brazil, eager to assist upon his arrival, was moved by Peggy’s recount of the frightening situation, promptly engaging in the rescue.

Joe, in a show of gentle care, removed his shoes and socks before entering the tunnel to avoid startling the already petrified puppy. As reported by WJAR NBC10, Joe described approaching the dog, named Cece, who clung to the tunnel wall, visibly shaking. He proceeded with utmost caution, ensuring not to alarm her further.

In a remarkable turn of events, Joe gently coaxed Cece to trust him, eventually carrying her to safety.

In an interview, Ms. Perez, Cece’s owner, revealed that the dog was only five months old when she disappeared. Overwhelmed with worry, Perez spent sleepless nights searching and reaching out for any leads on her beloved pet.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Peggy Edwards and Officer Joe Brazil, Cece was rescued from the daunting tunnel and reunited with her grateful owner. We all rejoice in Cece’s safe return and her continued life with her loving family.

Officer Brazil recalled that Cece seemed to recognize his intent to help and even seemed to express gratitude, according to WJAR NBC10’s coverage based on his testimony.

The heartwarming bond formed between the rescued dog and her savior was captured in a photo that truly warms the heart. Further details from WJAR NBC10 clarified that Cece was not a stray but belonged to a loving family. Michelle Perez, the dog’s owner, mentioned that Cece was a gift from her mother-in-law, but the pup had managed to escape the following day. The joy was immense when Perez was reunited with her cherished pet.


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