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Blind Kitten Rescued and Adopted: Embraces New Life with Loving Embrace

Blind Kitten Rescued and Adopted: Embraces New Life with Loving Embrace

In the late hours of one chilly evening, a compassionate individual in Cape Town, South Africa, stumbled upon a tiny, orphaned kitten wandering alone. Tragically, the kitten was born blind. She was quickly taken to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG), an organization dedicated to rescuing, caring for, and managing the spaying/neutering of neglected and abandoned pets in the community.

Photo: Facebook DARG; Little June, the blind kitty

Holly Gilbert-Jones, a volunteer at DARG, took on the rewarding role of fostering this little one, whom she affectionately named June. Despite her blindness, June quickly acclimated to her new environment, playfully navigating and sprinting throughout Holly’s home, much like any sighted cat.

June, known for her affectionate demeanor, spent several months under Holly’s care as they searched for the ideal adoptive family. DARG actively promoted June’s adoption on their Facebook page, highlighting her need for a special home experienced with blind pets and preferably without dogs, as recommended by animal behaviorists.

Photo: Facebook DARG adoption poster for June

Despite the challenges associated with her condition, June’s wait extended until March 2018. That’s when Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner, an engaged couple, encountered June’s story online and felt an immediate connection. They promptly applied to adopt her, even before meeting her in person.

Their application was successful, and the connection was instant when they met. June quickly showed a special affinity for Andrew, snuggling into his arms as her “new dad.”

Photo: Facebook DARG; snuggling with her new daddy

During the drive home, June climbed up to Andrew’s neck and made herself comfortable there, a spot she refused to leave.

Photo: Facebook DARG; shared by Dad Andrew Duff; the car ride home he is officially chosen

June did face some initial resistance from the couple’s other two cats, Leia and Leeloo. After a few weeks of typical feline disagreements, including much hissing and mutual avoidance, the trio finally settled into a harmonious relationship.

Photo: Facebook Andrew Duff; June officially “Daddy’s Girl”

One of June’s favorite activities is exploring the outdoors on a harness, which has become a joyful exploration for her and her new family. The DARG team was thrilled to receive updates and photos of June thriving in her new adventures.

Photo: Facebook DARG; fun out on walks

June has profoundly impacted her new family, teaching them to see the world through her unique perspective and reminding them to cherish every moment.

The story of June underscores the profound difference that compassion and a loving home can make in the life of a special-needs animal. Consider supporting DARG and their mission to help more animals like June.

Notably, Chris Poole, known as “Cat Man Chris” from Cole and Marmalade, has also contributed to supporting animal welfare efforts in Cape Town, reinforcing the global community’s role in aiding these noble causes.



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