Home Blogs Awaiting Her Forever Home: The Story of Mama Dog Star Abandoned Just Before Giving Birth

Awaiting Her Forever Home: The Story of Mama Dog Star Abandoned Just Before Giving Birth

Awaiting Her Forever Home: The Story of Mama Dog Star Abandoned Just Before Giving Birth

Puppies typically find homes quickly, as shelters often see a flood of applications for young dogs, while adult and senior dogs frequently face longer stays, sometimes extending to months or even years. Despite the rapid transition of puppies into adult dogs, the demand for puppies remains consistently high, overshadowing the adult dogs, including the very ones who gave them life.

This is the plight faced by many mother dogs in shelters, where their puppies are adopted swiftly, often receiving applications before they are ready to leave their mother’s side. Such is the case for Star, a German Shepherd who found herself in a Maryland shelter.

Star’s Arrival at the Shelter: Pregnant and Discarded

Star was abandoned at the shelter, along with a male companion, just two days before she was due to give birth. Her previous owners claimed they no longer had time to care for the dogs. This scenario is all too common, particularly with high-energy breeds like German Shepherds, which require extensive exercise and mental stimulation—traits shared with other frequently surrendered breeds like Huskies and Australian Cattle Dogs.

Despite the trauma of abandonment and barely settling in, Star went into labor and delivered five healthy puppies. Amidst her confusion and the stressful shelter environment, she proved to be an exceptional mother. Fortunately, Star and her puppies were later transferred to All Shepherd Rescue in Baltimore, where they received specialized care from experts familiar with German Shepherds.

Puppies Find Homes, Star Remains

As the puppies reached two months old and were ready for adoption, the rescue received numerous applications. Soon, all of Star’s puppies were rehomed, leaving her behind, still waiting for her chance to find a loving family.

Star’s adoption has been complicated by her health issues; she was neglected in her previous home and did not receive necessary medical care, leaving her recovering from heartworm and a recent spay surgery. However, her health struggles have not dampened her affectionate nature and sociability—Star is known for her friendly demeanor and love for humans.

The Quest for the Ideal Home for Star

Star’s adoption profile highlights her as a “loyal companion, incredibly sweet, friendly, and beautiful.” She enthusiastically greets every visitor, eager to find her permanent family. Weighing around 65 pounds with more weight to gain, Star is a striking black and red German Shepherd with sharp ears and amber eyes. Her energy level is moderate, and her amiable personality makes her an excellent partner for hiking or jogging.

Star enjoys the company of other dogs and would thrive in a home with another canine or even as the only pet. She is best suited for a household that can invest time and love into her life as much as she will reciprocate. Currently, Star is not recommended for families with children, but she would be a perfect match for an active single adult or a couple.

If you are in the Baltimore area and have experience with German Shepherds, consider applying to adopt Star or one of the other German Shepherds at All Shepherd Rescue.


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