Home Blogs An Emotional Encounter Between a Handless Baby Angel And a Handless Soccer Star

An Emotional Encounter Between a Handless Baby Angel And a Handless Soccer Star

An Emotional Encounter Between a Handless Baby Angel And a Handless Soccer Star

Orlando City Stadium in Florida set the stage for a U.S. Women’s Soccer League game held on the 20th. The Orlando Pride team, based in Florida, clashed with the Sky Blue team at their home stadium and emerged victorious with a 1-0 win. Amidst the action on the field, a heartwarming moment unfolded in the stands.

On the 23rd (local time), Fox News and other outlets reported an emotional encounter at the stadium involving Joseph Teed, fondly known as the ‘handless baby angel,’ and Carson Pickett, hailed as the ‘handless soccer star.’ Teed, a one-year-old, approached and hugged Amy Alamiyo-Siecel, who shares his condition of having no left hand, with pure affection and innocence.

This touching moment echoed Teed’s previous encounter with NFL linebacker Shaquem Griffin, who also lacks hands, last February. Born with a congenital disability that left him without an arm or hand below his left elbow, Teed has garnered attention locally for his heartwarming interactions.

Teed’s genuine connection with Amy Alamiyo-Siecel showcased his capacity for empathy once again. Their embrace resonated deeply with viewers, drawing parallels to Teed’s previous encounter with Shaquem Griffin. This time, Teed shared a special moment with Carson Pickett, a prominent player for the Orlando Pride in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

Pickett and Teed met for the first time following a game against Portland Thorns FC last April. Like Teed, Pickett was born without a left hand. Despite her disability, Pickett’s passion for soccer remained undeterred, and she rose to become a star player, earning accolades such as Gatorade’s Female Soccer Player of the Year in 2012.

Their reunion at the stadium last week further solidified their bond. Pickett, recognizing Teed’s unwavering smile and angelic presence in the stands, clasped hands with him, showcasing their strong friendship. Reflecting on her own upbringing, Pickett emphasized the importance of perseverance and positivity, encouraging Teed to believe in his abilities.

For Pickett, meeting Teed was both a privilege and an honor. She expressed her hope of positively impacting people’s lives, mirroring the joy and inspiration she found in her encounters with Teed. Their heartwarming connection serves as a testament to the power of empathy, resilience, and human kindness, transcending physical differences to forge a bond of friendship and understanding.


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