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Abandoned Kittens Found on Hiking Trail Find Comfort with Rescuers

Abandoned Kittens Found on Hiking Trail Find Comfort with Rescuers

Three tiny kittens were discovered on a hiking trail by a couple after they heard faint cries.

Janis and Dean Smith from Canada were hiking on Bastion Mountain in British Columbia, unaware of the surprise awaiting them at the end of their journey. As they approached their car, they noticed what they initially thought was a skunk on the road. On closer inspection, they found three little kittens alone and without their mother. Two of the kittens immediately approached them, meowing and seeking affection, while the third was timidly hiding.

It seemed the kittens had been left on the mountain, far from any nearby homes. The Smiths quickly picked them up and contacted a friend for assistance.

Barbara Gosselin, the founder of Shuswap Paws Rescue, was alerted. “I received a call around 10:30 last night. The hikers found the kittens in a remote area,” Barbara recounted to Love Meow. “They got my address and brought them over.”

At Shuswap Paws Rescue, Barbara had prepared a bowl of food for the kittens, who eagerly gathered around it, indicating they hadn’t eaten for a while and were slightly underweight. After eating, the kittens approached Dennis Gosselin, Barbara’s husband, and began meowing for attention and cuddles.

“They didn’t stop crying until my husband cuddled them,” Barbara explained. “They were suckling on his ear, sleeping on his shoulder. They were seeking comfort and warmth.”

The kittens quickly grew attached to Dennis, treating him as if he were their surrogate parent. One of the Ragdoll-mix kittens even climbed onto his shoulder, preferring to be carried around.

These kittens were desperate not just for food but also for love and attention.

The kittens, named Klum, Arkteryx, and Klymit, have since adapted well to their foster home, enjoying their toys and new surroundings.

Barbara shared with Love Meow, “Klum loves to cuddle and has a very loud purr. He often stops playing just to snuggle. Klymit is quieter, enjoying ear rubs, while Arkteryx is extremely playful, often climbing up your back.”

The trio thrives on affection from their foster parents and frequently seeks out cuddles.

They will stay in foster care with Shuswap Paws Rescue and Critteraid Animal Sanctuary until they are ready for adoption. For now, they continue to grow and enjoy the comforts of a loving home.

When they’re not climbing on their foster parents, they’re kneading their soft, cozy bed, purring contentedly.

Life for these kittens has taken a joyful turn inside a secure home filled with food, toys, and loving care.

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