Home Blogs A Woman Rescues a Forlorn Pitbull from a Shelter, and the Dog Expresses His Gratitude Through Constant Embraces

A Woman Rescues a Forlorn Pitbull from a Shelter, and the Dog Expresses His Gratitude Through Constant Embraces

A Woman Rescues a Forlorn Pitbull from a Shelter, and the Dog Expresses His Gratitude Through Constant Embraces

Shelter dogs often experience profound sadness due to a lack of affection from caretakers. It is hard to comprehend the immense joy and gratitude a shelter dog feels when it finds a forever home filled with unconditional love from its new family.

Introducing Russ, a 4-year-old pit bull who discovered a new beginning in the compassionate embrace of Kayla Filoon, a student and volunteer dog-walker at ACCT Philly, an animal shelter in Philadelphia. Accustomed to interacting with homeless dogs, Kayla was immediately struck by the sorrowful dog with patchy fur; she sensed something extraordinary about Russ beyond his rough exterior.

Filoon shared: “He arrived as a stray, visibly battered. He had lost fur on his tail and ears and was alarmingly thin. He weighed about 40 pounds upon arrival at the shelter. He just sat there calmly, gazing at me, and I thought, he is so endearing! I knew I had to adopt him right away.” Despite his worn appearance, Filoon quickly realized Russ’s delightful nature.

Returning later to check on him, Filoon found Russ exactly where she left him, serene amidst the chaos of the other barking dogs. “He was incredibly affectionate with me, even in the yard. He appeared so gentle, and he didn’t bark at the other dogs,” she said. During their roughly 45-minute walk, it only took minutes for her to fall in love with him. She also discovered that Russ was familiar with basic commands like sit, down, and stay, which hinted he might have once had a home before ending up in the shelter in such dire straits.

After their walk, Filoon hesitantly returned Russ to his kennel and called her mother, saying, “I think I need to adopt a dog tomorrow.” Her mother was skeptical, knowing Kayla’s tendency to fall for the dogs she walked, but Kayla felt a unique connection with Russ. The urgency was palpable— the shelter was overcrowded and had recently euthanized about 15 dogs, putting any sick dog, including Russ with his kennel cough, at risk.

The following day, right after her classes, Filoon hurried back to the shelter and decided to take Russ for a car ride. By late afternoon, she was certain she couldn’t leave without him. With assistance from the shelter staff, she swiftly finalized his adoption papers. “He just sat in my passenger seat, and I thought, he’s the perfect dog. I took him home that night,” she recalled.

Filoon then introduced Russ to her six housemates, who also quickly grew fond of him. Adapting to his new surroundings took some time for Russ, particularly as he recovered from kennel cough, requiring much rest. Nevertheless, Russ soon reveled in his new life, particularly cherishing moments with Filoon. “He always needs to be near me. One evening, as I sat doing homework, he snuggled up to me despite having other spots to rest. I looked down and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, look at him,’” Filoon remarked.

A friend captured this tender moment and shared the photo online, where it swiftly went viral. Filoon hopes the image will inspire more people to adopt shelter dogs. She expressed, “He’s truly a love bug. Even when I’m lying down, he’ll snuggle under my arm or rest his paw on my chest. I was concerned his demeanor might change once home, but he remains as calm and cuddly as ever. He’s probably the most appreciative dog I’ve ever encountered.”


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