Home Blogs A Stray Cat’s Journey to a New Life Through Unwavering Human Kindness

A Stray Cat’s Journey to a New Life Through Unwavering Human Kindness

A Stray Cat’s Journey to a New Life Through Unwavering Human Kindness

A cat found wandering aimlessly outside encountered people who refused to give up on him, leading to a transformative change in his life.

A Mother Cat and Her Kitten Find Rescue and Relief

A tabby cat mother clung tightly to her only kitten after their rescue from a harsh life on the streets.

A Chance Encounter Leads to a New Friendship for an Abandoned Kitten

While returning home on a rainy day, Radia and her mother noticed a bedraggled cat beside the road, not far from their house. Radia stepped out to help, and her mother quickly fetched a carrier. Frightened, the cat hid under a vehicle but was lured out by hunger and Radia’s patient offering of treats.

The cat, later named Appa, was brought to a vet for a health assessment. It was a timely intervention, as Radia, along with her mother and sister Zahraa, operated Sheeta and Co, a volunteer-run animal rescue in Kuwait dedicated to aiding strays.

From Street Life to a New Beginning

Appa received treatment for an eye infection and ear mites. His greasy, dusty fur and skittish demeanor reflected his difficult life outdoors. His rescuers were not surprised when no one came forward to claim him, given the high rates of pet abandonment in the region.

Appa was quiet and withdrawn at first, hardly moving or showing interest in his surroundings. However, he responded to gentle touches with purrs, indicating a readiness for affection despite his exhaustion.

Finding Hope and a New Home Across the Seas

Sheeta and Co collaborated with U.S.-based rescue organizations to find homes for cats like Appa. With the help of City Kitties DC and their foster volunteer, Jen (@pokeypotpie), Appa traveled to the U.S., where he found joy and playfulness with a new feline friend, Harvey, in his foster home.

Appa’s charm soon won over Alyson, who had been following his journey from Kuwait. Upon meeting, Alyson immediately felt a deep connection, and soon after, Appa—now Sir Lewis—was making himself at home with her and her fiancé, claiming their space as his own kingdom.

Embracing a Life Filled with Love and Play

Sir Lewis thrives on constant contact with his humans, enjoying cheek rubs, playing with tennis balls, and “helping” in the office. His transformation into a playful, affectionate cat who eagerly engages with toys and demands his meals punctually each morning has been remarkable.

Despite some health challenges, Sir Lewis’s life is filled with the love and care he deserves, thanks to the commitment of his rescuers and his new family.

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For more about Sheeta and Co, follow them on Instagram @sheeta_n_co, learn about Jen’s foster efforts @pokeypotpie, and connect with City Kitties DC @citykittiesdc.



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